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   Если бы выбор книжного клуба не пал на Revelation by CJ Sansom, я бы и не узнала о существовании персонажа по имени Matthew Shardlake.

   "Апокалипсис" - четвертая книга историка/адвоката/писателя Сэнсома, главным героем которой является Мэттью Ш. Живет Мэттью в Лондоне 16-го века и успешно раскрывает преступления. В данном случае - серию жестоких убийств, осуществляемых по сценарию, описанному в библейском Апокалипсисе.

  Мои впечатления о книге нашли отклик в отзывах других участников "книжных червей":

"I enjoyed the book greatly - and I guess one of the reasons for joining a book club was to read novels I wouldn't have picked myself, and the book fell into that category!
I enjoyed the historical perspective although I felt the ending was slightly flat after some blood chilling murders!"

"This was the first Sansom book I had read and overall I enjoyed it, as a murder-mystery fan. I finished reading the book about a week ago and now I am writing this I think I found the historical details of Tudor life in London more interesting than the plot itself. I thought the author painted a vivid picture of both his characters and 16th century life in London: mental illness/possession, religious turmoil and changes in medical profession. Plotwise, for me , this was similar to the film 'Seven'. Although I didn't guess who the serial killer was, once Shardlake had discovered who it was I thought the ending was dragged out a bit."

"I had read it before but as I like the "Shardlake" mysteries I was quite happy to read it again and acquaint myself with unforgiving Tudor England. I found the descriptions quite claustrophobic at times, the description of the cold weather practically gave me chilblains, and the murders were too detailed! The character of Shardlake is very well drawn, I think I might recognise him quite easily if he appeared in the street."


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